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Our brand aims at uplifting, educating, implicating, and inspiring the youth adults and elders on how to be responsible for their actions.


Deep expressions clothing apparel is unique in that our clothes have strong uplifting pics of our people which depict our triumphs and struggles. 


Every piece of our clothing has a QRcode/tag/sticker, which when u swipe your cam phone over the QRcode u will hear original spoken word poetry by me that matches the pic on the shirt. 


We also have a men’s/women's sneaker  line DEOGD, even our sneakers have QRcodes with spoken word poetry. 


Deep expressions is trying to change the clothing apparel game with QRcode technology to get our positive messages to the masses of youth. 

We educate them about how their actions create reactions which depending on the right or wrong of the actions,  the consequences are seed planted. The reactions can be dire or rewarding. We teach them how to tell the diff between the two through our messages.


I’ve been designing clothes for 20 plus years, the need for positive messages on clothing is overdue, we bringing positive energy on clothes back, with direct to garment printing which highlights the colors of our artwork.

I also perform in all states virtually or live/free  link me in

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